Monday, December 21, 2015

Squad Goals

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photos by Sharkvisuals

Outerwear borrowed from Caesar | Dress and Shoe from Carousell | Skirt(Unbranded) | Necklace from Bugis

It has been months since I last updated the blog and have been wanting to blog on this but I wasn't sure enough. Since I don't really blog that often. Although the pictures were taken for a long time ago, I decided to share with you guys because I really really like the concept of it. We were supposed to bring an outfit that sort of best described our own self. Being the person that I am, I was rather lazy to bring an entire new outfit.

Initially, I was just gonna layer the dress with the skirt and have a necklace on. But it looked kinda simple hence, Caesar lent me his leather jacket!! So grateful to him. I might be posting the solo shots of mine but do not really expect too much of it.

Once again,
Do check them out through their instagrams

With Love,


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