Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Denim Attack : Part 2

 photo solo1_zpsb7ec5d7b.jpg

 photo solo3_zps21c379e0.jpg

 photo solo5_zps45c21b81.jpg

 photo solo4_zpsc86421c3.jpg

 photo solo7_zps68bbc730.jpg

 photo solo6_zps7f92d25a.jpg
photos by Sharkvisuals , @sharkvisuals(instagram)

Denim Jacket from Peninsula Plaza | Green Flannel from Cotton On | Dress and Shoe from Carousell | Watch from Casio

Back once more with more photos on my outfit!!(yeahhh) I decided to make the blog post into two parts in fear that there will be a lot of picture in a single post. So, here you go with  more pictures for a detailed look on my outfit. Well, it is just an excuse to show you guys more pictures because Shark really did an AMAZING work!(heheheh)

With Love,

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