Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mind-blowing Experience

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| Chloe and Willabelle |
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| Stephanie(Soothingsista) and Jenn Im(Clothesencounters) |
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| That F Word |
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| Skinnykatwoman and Plaaastic |
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| Nicole, Sheena and Jourdan |
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photos by Aidil

 I went to the Digital Fashion Week. YESS. It was definitely an amazing day because not only was it my first time going to a fashion show but the fact that I was able to meet several bloggers that I really like. FANGIRL MODE ON. I thought that I wasn't going to be able to meet them since I missed the meet-and-greet due to school. I couldn't missed out school on the Friday. Whats life?! But  I still got to meet them through the show. I couldn't hold my excitement as I saw them in real life!

Not to say, all of the show were very pleasing to the eye as expected but it was a waste since I didn't bring my camera out.BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. Not to forget, I looked so weird standing beside the bloggers and being so short.

With Love, 

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