Sunday, June 22, 2014

 Recently, i chanced upon a website that is useful for people like me that are into online shopping. Well, I am sure that almost everyone try to find the cheapest deal among the choices when looking for stuffs online. For sure, I am that kind of person. Hahahaha. Moreover, Great Singapore Sale is happening now and why not have additional discounts added to your purchases?
It is .

It is definitely a great place that one can refer to when doing online shopping. I tried it myself and it is super useful because I was able to get a cheaper price when checking out. So what iPrice's goal is to help you compare the prices in order to score the best deal and it also have different brands under one roof such as Nike, Vans and Kate Spade. What's good is that all all the stores that are featured on their site ships to Singapore!Just a few clicks away to cheaper purchases. The following is just an example on how this platform goes.

Go to the website by just clicking this : iPrice and once you reached it. You may find it somewhat similar to the one at the image above. To obtain the coupon, you simply click the the blue button which states 'Get The Code' and there you have it. There will be a pop-out similar to the one at the image below.

Once done, you just search for an item that you wish to purchase like below and paste the code and just click Apply. You are done. Simple right, told ya. There are definitely more to the site and if you are interested in it, do check out the website!

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