Thursday, May 1, 2014

Back on track

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Top from H&M | Bottom (Unbranded) | Shoes from Converse | Outerwear from Cotton On
photos by Aidil

Yes, I am back once again with an updated blog. To be honest, I have not gotten the time to update my blog for the past few weeks as I just started school and it was hectic. It was really hot on the day I took the photo so that explained the look that I had. Oh well, as always Singapore is hot.

As I was from school, I needed someone to help me take the pictures. I decided to ask for help from my friend and thankfully he agreed to my request. Yay!  Well my friend, Aidil is also a blogger and I would be thankful if you guys check his blog at .

Much Love,
Faraah Amylea

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