Friday, June 14, 2013

School's Out

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Outerwear from New Look | Top from Far East Plaza | Bottom from weluvmeow
Photos by nurfatiin

Hello everyone! I am back for a while before I start mugging again for my papers because it is the school break. I promise to update regularly once I am done with my exams. We are already halfway through the year. Crazy how fast time flies! I am going to spend this break wisely definitely. Just a few days ago, my sister and I revamped our room. It was a tiring but fulfilling job. Enjoy your weekends!


  1. Hi! may i know the outerwear did u bought it recently? cause ive been looking for something like that for soo longg:D

    1. Hi. I got that outerwear sometime in March this year. They might still have it. I got mine at 313. <3


  2. I love your coat! It looks so cozy