Monday, November 10, 2014

Mind-blowing Experience

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| Chloe and Willabelle |
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| Stephanie(Soothingsista) and Jenn Im(Clothesencounters) |
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| That F Word |
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| Skinnykatwoman and Plaaastic |
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| Nicole, Sheena and Jourdan |
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photos by Aidil

 I went to the Digital Fashion Week. YESS. It was definitely an amazing day because not only was it my first time going to a fashion show but the fact that I was able to meet several bloggers that I really like. FANGIRL MODE ON. I thought that I wasn't going to be able to meet them since I missed the meet-and-greet due to school. I couldn't missed out school on the Friday. Whats life?! But  I still got to meet them through the show. I couldn't hold my excitement as I saw them in real life!

Not to say, all of the show were very pleasing to the eye as expected but it was a waste since I didn't bring my camera out.BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. Not to forget, I looked so weird standing beside the bloggers and being so short.

With Love, 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Infuse With It

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Top from H&M | Bottom and Outerwear from Cotton On | Shoe from Carousell

Photos by Aidil

Finally updating my blog after being dead for months. Originally, I wanted to update it yesterday but my laptop charger just decides to fail on me. Sad life as per usual. Anyway, its Monday tomorrow and probably the least interesting day for me. Monday Blues. It was scorching when we decide to take the pictures and trust me, the heat was overpowering. Alright then, Ill just bask in sadness since school is tomorrow.

With Love,