Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Denim Attack : Part 2

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photos by Sharkvisuals , @sharkvisuals(instagram)

Denim Jacket from Peninsula Plaza | Green Flannel from Cotton On | Dress and Shoe from Carousell | Watch from Casio

Back once more with more photos on my outfit!!(yeahhh) I decided to make the blog post into two parts in fear that there will be a lot of picture in a single post. So, here you go with  more pictures for a detailed look on my outfit. Well, it is just an excuse to show you guys more pictures because Shark really did an AMAZING work!(heheheh)

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Denim Attack : Part 1

 photo edited1_zps4845e8d8.jpg

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L to R: Affzdn, Aidil, Husna and Caesar

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 photo edited7_zps9a822206.jpg
photos by Sharkvisuals

Denim Jacket from Peninsula Plaza | Green Flannel from Cotton On | Dress and Shoe from Carousell 

Finally, I am able to let you guys know about the special collaboration that I am very excited about.A few days before 2014 ends, I had a collaboration together with other four bloggers with denim in mind as the theme. Thanks to Aidil for planning this collaboration, I get to meet Husna, Affzdn, Caesar and Shark!!(yeah new friends,hahahaah).

As this is my first collaboration ever, I definitely looked awkward. Do check the other bloggers out by clicking on their name at the previous sentence for their blog or through their instagrams listed below. Many thanks to Shark for spending about six hours to shoot us and edit the photos for us too!!

Stay tuned for more picture!!

Do check them out through their instagrams

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